• On the cross Jesus said it is finished,, you should not be disturbed by mere problems like powers of witchdoctors, those who blocks your success..

  • There is power on the cross. Don’t cry today because it is finished Now, in the name of the father,the son and the holy spirit.

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On the way:

  • Before you start any journey, you must have planned your destination, and if you fail to understand where your going well, you may end up getting lost on the way.

    In salvation, Christians must know where they are going because if they fail to know that,backsliding will always follow them….allow me to states some few points on how to plan your destination:

  • Allow Jesus to be your driver
  • —………..

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The Journey Begins

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The kingdom of God need a holy person not a member of the church or a choir. The bible specify that, only the pure in heart who shall see God (Matthew 5:8).. It continues to say and my roads shall be raised up across the mountain for my people to travel..(Isaiah 49:11)..It shall be called the way of Hollyness, and no sinner will journey on it.(Isaiah 35:8)